Friday, April 18, 2008

I want a dog!!

I was just outside getting mail from my mail box when I heard one of my neighour's talking to antoher neighbour. She was says awwwww...he's so cute! I turned around and saw this cute 6 month old golden retriever running to me. He ran between my feet and was rubbing himself against my feet and legs. His cute lil tail was wagging so much. I was petting and playing with him so long. I was sooooooo happy and wanted to play with him all day. I wanted to take him home with me...heehee. I am in love with the cute lil puppy. I haven't played with a puppy in sooo long.

The picture above is of my old dog Miko. She's a shih tzu. We lost her a long time ago. I had her when when I was living at home with my family. She was the best dog ever. So well behaved and so cuddly. She always slept by the foot of my bed when I was sleeping and when I woke up she would jump up on the bed to greet me. I miss her alot.

So I just called my hubby at work and asked him in the sweetest voice ever if we could talk about about getting a puppy again. Right now he won't budge because he says they are hard work and will poo and pee all over our house. He also says when we move to our new home in April 2009 the house will be all hardwood floors and the dogs nails would scratch it up. He's also concerned with when we travel we would have have to find someone to watch the dog. Another reason is we plan on trying for a baby next year so he says with a new baby and a dog it would be alot of work. I told him alot of people have baby and a dog and they do just fine. I told him it's the best time to get a dog now because I work from home and I have the time to train the dog and take care of it. Also our current place has a good sized kitchen/dining area which is tiled so we could keep the puppy in there at the beginning when we were training her. Plus I am in that area all day and night because I work there and craft there. When he gets home I am going to try to convince him again. I really really really want a puppy.

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