Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shih Tzu - 4 Weeks Old

Hubby and I are counting down the days till we can bring our little girl home. We are going to go see her next weekend. I can't wait!!


Deanne said...

oh she is beautiful. you will have so much fun
we bought a shih tzu, hes nearly five months now and just full of life. We love him to bits xx

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Hi Deanne,

Nice to meet you :o) Thank you! I luv Shih Tzu's. I use to have one when I lived with my family. She was mainly white and black. She was the best dog ever. What colour is your Shih Tzu? What's his name? You should post some pix of him on your blog. Would luv to see him.


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