Monday, October 27, 2008

Maddi's First Hair Cut

Maddi went for her first hair cut this Saturday. We didn't realize we had to book an appointment so when we got there they told me they could not fit Maddi in that day as there were alot of other dogs waiting to be groomed. Hubby was still outside with Maddi taking her for potty. Once he walked in with her the staff were all in awww's. They said OMG look how cute she is and they said we have to fit her in...look at her cute face. So they ended up grooming her that day without an appointment. She was sooo nervous but the groomer that cut her fur said she was very good. The staff at the place we took her to said they were surprised how good she was when they cut her fur and gave her a bath. Maddi is so light now. No more dark brown highlights. She looks so skinny and long now. She also looks bigger with short fur. When hubby and I first saw her we were so surprised how different she looked. Hubby didn't know it was Maddi when he first looked over at her...haha. Here's a pic of Maddi that was taken last week before her hair cut.


Maddi's new do.


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Ila said...

Well I was just going to comment to Congratulate you on your soon to be New Beautiful home....but I got sidetracked with these so Cute photos of Maddy.. Oh What a Sweetie...She just looks so much like my Buddy...they could be siblings..or twins even!!...Hugs, Ila

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