Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maddi's Operation

Awww...check out these cute pix of my two loves. Hubby was laying on the sofa watching tv while Maddi slept on top of him.

Maddi is recovering from her operation very well. She slept ALOT for the first 3 days. She didn't play. She didn't eat alot either but she did eat treats when we gave them to her. The vet called to check up on her and we told the vet that Maddi was not eating much but was still eating the treats. She said there probably isn't a problem because she's still eating treats and to just keep an eye on her. The vet also said she was probably just being a little That is so She said most dogs don't notice that they had the operation but some do. Maddi sure did. All Maddi wanted to do was drink, eat treats, sleep and cuddle, expecially with me. After the 3rd day her apetite was starting to come back and she played a little. On the 4th day she was completely back to her old self. She was eating up her doggy food and playing alot. I just wish she didn't have to wear the annoying cone anymore. She's always bashing the cone everywhere. I take it off her when I can keep an eye on her but when I can't she has to wear it and she has to sleep with it on because she will lick her stitches when no one is


Bev said...

Aww bless her, glad to see she's on the mend now. Those lampshades are horrible for them so I hope she won't have to wear it for much longer.

My Maddi (cavalier king charles spaniel) sends tail wags and sloppy licks to your Maddi to get well soon xxx

hugs Bev x

Ila said...

Oh My!! what a Sweetie your little Maddie is!! when my little Buddy got fixed this year he had to wear that nasty cone too.
Buddy is a Bichon/shihtzu ...I think Maddie and Buddy look quite a bit alike in the face....what little Cuties....Hugs, Ila

Ila said...

Hi Lori,
I'd be honered to be on your blogroll ...I will add you to mine too.
For Buddy's boots..I found a pattern on the internet...very simple..(but does require a bit of sewing)..and it seems to be better than all the boots I bought and took back....If you would like it the pattern...let me know.. and I will send it to you...Hugs Ila

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