Saturday, January 3, 2009


I recently watched Twilight at the threatre and really enjoyed it. I did not read the book before seeing the movie but once I saw the movie I wanted to read all four books from the Twilight saga. My hubby bought me the Twilight book as part of my stocking stuffer along with some yummy sweets. I finished the book in three days. I could not put the book down. Now I am reading the second book, New Moon. I can't wait to read the other two, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. So far I am loving New Moon. Twilight is now one of my fav books. If you like drama, romance, fantasy and thrillers I highly recommend the book and the movie.

My new celeb crush is Robert Pattinson...heehee. He was sooo HOT as Edward Cullen! If Edward Cullen whispered in my ear or kissed my neck I think I would

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Deanne said...

omg dont get me started on edward cullen lol
i read all four books in a week, i could not put them down!!!
once you've read all four, go onto stephanie meyers website and she has the draft for 'midnight sun' which is 'twilight' but through edwards eyes!!!! awesome...
saw the film three times now and yes isnt he a gorgeous fella lol x

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