Monday, May 25, 2009

The ABCs of Me!!!

The ABCs of Me!!!

I saw this on Kim's Blog. I thought it would be fun to get to know each other a lil better this way. Just copy and change the answers to your own, then post to your blog with a link to mine. Let's see how far this gets :o)

Here's ME:
Age: 29 but only for 18 more days!!!!
Bed size: Queen
Chore you hate: The never ending laundry
Dad's Name: John
Essential start your day item: A glass of skim milk
Favorite actor(s): Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5’5" I think
Instruments you play(ed): Recorder (in elementary school)
Job titles: Wife, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, CSR, Sales Associate, Manager & Cashier
Kid(s): None, but I do have a puppy and she keeps me very busy.
Living arrangements: I live with my hubby and puppy in a corner unit townhouse but not for long as we are moving to a bigger detached home in Oct.
Mom's name: Maggie
Nicknames: Lori & Lo Lo
Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None
Pet peeves: Liars and negative people
Quotes you like: What Goes Around, Comes Around, Imagination is One of the Forces of Nature & No Regrets!
Rightie or Leftie: Rightie
Siblings: 2 younger sisters
Time you wake up: All different hours. I'm a vampire...luv to stay up real late and sleep in real late...heehee.
Umbrella: Definitely
Vegetable you dislike: Eggplant
Ways you run late: I'm always on time when I have appointments (example: doctor) but everything else I'm usually a lil late. My hubby will sing this when I am late "Somebody's stallin babeh". It drives me nutz! LoL
X-rays you've had: foot, legs, back & teeth
Yummy food you make: Sticky Fried Rice, but my hubby would say everything.
Zodiac: Gemini

Now that you know a lil more about me, let's hear about you. Leave a comment & I'll read your ABC's.

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STAMPMOM9 said...

Good Morning this is sooo cool! I will try to do this later. Yep!! You are added!! Now I will remember to visit! Thanks, Dawn

Deanne said...

i've done it hun, mines on my blog :)

Trak said...

i have done mine and linked back to you... and i hate food shopping as i cant reach the stuff i want it driave me mad hehehehe

hugs trak xxxx

Kim said...

Lori...thanks for sharing your ABCs! It's so much fun learning about our stamping friends! :)
Hugs~ Kim

Deanne said...

hey hun heres the link xx

cats whiskers said...

Wow hun this is so interesting I love knowing about people, am so nosey. Hope you are well dear
Hugs Jacqui x

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