Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shih Tzu - 4 Weeks Old

Hubby and I are counting down the days till we can bring our little girl home. We are going to go see her next weekend. I can't wait!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Shih Tzu - 4 Weeks Old

My hubby finally gave in...woohoo!! It sure took many years of convincing to get him to give in...haha. We purchased a 4 week old female Shih Tzu on Saturday. We fell in love with her right when we held her. She is super sweet. She loves to cuddle and is a little observer. I have only seen her once in person and I already love her to bits. She's got 4 white paws that look like she's wearing white sneakers. It's sooo cute! We don't get to take her home until she's reached 8 weeks old as she needs her mommy. We will be traveling at that time so we will be bring her home on Sat July 5, 2008. We will be visiting her lots before we get her though. Now we have to decide a name for her. We have alot picked out but our top two names are Emme and Madie. I picked Emme and my hubby picked Madie. He prefers to spell it Maddi. If you have an suggestions on names please let me know :o)

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