Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I Love You Bubsee!!

1 Year Wedding Anniversay

My hubby just called me from work to tell me that we both forgot our 1 year wedding Our anniversary was yesterday. For the 1st wedding anniversary it's suppost to be paper as the gift so my hubby joked that he did buy me subway for dinner last night and it was wrapped in We can't go out because my knee is hurting so hubby is going to bring home sushi dinner from one of our fav restaurants. He's going to leave work early tonight so that we can watch a movie. We aren't use to the wedding anniversary date yet. We do remember the anniversary we starting going out. We have been together for over 11yrs now. For our 1 year wedding anniversary we did celebrate it a few months earlier by going on a caribbean cruise and that was awesome.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Maddi Playing

Cutie pie Maddi playing with her tennis balls. She's 12 weeks old here. Video was just taken last weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Maddi is doing sooo well now. She's sleeping through the nights, going on her potty pads 98% of the time, staying still and calm while I groom her. Now we just have to work on her being left home alone and going potty outside. Poor girl hates to be home alone. She will bark non-stop the entire time. We hardly ever leave her home unless we have to and it's no more than 2hrs. This cute ball of fluff is sooo attached to me. She follows me everywhere.

Maddi is getting her 3rd shot this Sat and we plan to start taking her out for potty on Sun and for walks. I can't wait!! Right now we just carry her when we take her outsite. She gets all shy and lays her head on my chest. She's like that with anything new. She even does it when we put her in front of a mirror. It's really really cute.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Scrapbook Page Layout

Just completed the "Happy Birthday Princess" layout. Will be listing it on Ebay later this evening so drop by and check it out to get a closer look. It's pink, girly and full of glitter...everything I luv!!


Maddi just luv's it when we open up the sliding door for her to look out. She really likes those breezy days when the wind blows into her face.

She likes to bring her toys over to the window. She will drag all her toys out of her playpen and put them all over the place. It's so cute watching her.

This lil white bears is one of her fav stuff toys. She luv's to chew on it's nose. Looks like she's making out with the

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sewing Lessons & Maddi

The sewing lesson was very very helpful. Will take another one next month. The lady that taught me was very good and she's gonna teach me how to sew everything. I learned how to sew the bottoms of jeans, which stitiches to use for sewing bathing suits, how to patch up holes in clothing, how to use all the stitches on the machine, all the features on the machine and how it works, sewing button holes, etc.

I was out for 2 1/2hrs and when I came home Maddi was super excited and happy to see me. She had no accidents...woohoo!!! She went potty on the puppy pads and she didn't eat her poop. She did go a bit crazy with her toys and bed. They were all over the playpen...haha. All she wanted to do was cuddle when I came home. She was laying on my lap and licking me alot. Was sooo sweet how she rested put her white paws and head on arm. She's such a sweet puppy.

Sewing Lessons

Maddi luvs to chew on the flaps that hold together her kennel. She's learned how to open them up for better chewing. Here's a pic of her sleeping. Guess it must be tiring to chew it as she fell asleep while she was chewing it...haha.

Today I'm having my first sewing lessons at Sears. The lessons are free and unlimited because hubby purchased a sewing machine for me from Sears. I am sure I will need at least 2 lessons. Each lesson is for 1hr. I want to know how to use every single option on my machine. I can't wait!!

Today is the 2nd time Maddi will be left home alone. The first time she was good and went potty on her training mats but she went crazy in her playpen and moved the whole thing and all her toys and bed were toss all over. This time I am going to play with her alot before I leave so that I can get her all tired so that she sleeps most of the time that I'm gone. She usually naps around the time I am going out so I hope she has a long nap. I sure don't want to come home and see pee and poop smashed all over the the place *crossing fingers & toes*.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Maddi - 11 Weeks Old

The 5 pix were taken yesterday afternoon. First 4 pix were of Maddi sleeping under my desk. I was surfing on my pc and she was taking a little nap. She's such a cutie pie. 5th pic is of her in her crate. She luvs to sleep in that spot because it's right beside me when I am working on the pc. She just luvs to be close to me. She's so sweet.

Today is one week since we brought Maddi home. Today is also a day of alot of firsts. Maddi slept though the night for the first time without barking or whimpering. She also held her pee and poop all night and didn't go until hubby and I woke up at 6am. It was the first night we sleep without any interruptions. First morning we both woke up before Maddi. She's learning...woohoo!! I am sooo proud of her.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love Scrapbook Page Layout

Made a new love themed layout and have listed it for sale on Ebay. Drop by and check it out to get a closer look at everthing. The layout is much more glittery in person. I made the mistake of taking pix in the evening so the lighting did not show how glittery it really is. Next time I will stick to taking pix during the day when the sun is out.


Since bringing Maddi home on Fri hubby and I have had so little sleep. We are exhausted. Maddi was not sleeping through the night. She goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up about every 2hrs barking and whimpering. She pees alot and poops during the night. It's been a hard week. She needs alot of attention and always wants to have someone near her. We were so happy the other night because it was the first night she improved and started to settle into her new home. She only barked twice during the night and each time it was for less than a minute then she would go back to bed or play with her toys in her crate. Last night she was even better. She only barked once during the night and it was only a couple barks for attention. She's learning now that when she barks for attention we will not respond as we are ignoring her so she doesn't always bark for attention. She's learning and pretty quickly. No more barking non stop during the night for 40mins...woohoo!!! We are finally getting more sleep. I'm still tired throughout the day because I am not use to my new sleep schedule yet. I now wake up everyday at 6am because that's when Maddi gets up and wants food. That is sooo early for me...hahaha.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Imagination & Brithday Scrapbook Page Layouts

Just listed 2 double page layouts and 6 paper piecing toppers on Ebay. Here's pix of the layouts that are for sale. Go to my Ebay to check out the toppers and if you would like a closer look at everything on the layouts as I have posted several close up shots on there. The link to my Ebay is on the right hand side of my blog under "My Ebay & Etsy Auctions". I had alot of fun making these layouts. I wanted to keep them for myself...heehee.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maddi's First Day Home - 10 Weeks Old

Maddi at 10 weeks old. This video was taken on Fri July 4, 2008. We just got back from our long car ride from the breeders home. This is the first day for Maddi at her new home. She was a little nervous coming out of her kennel but it didn't take her long to adjust to her new home.

Maddi eating her first meal at her new home. She's just sooo cute.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bringing Maddi Home

Hubby and I are bringing our super cute puppy home a day early. We pick Maddi up tomorrow evening rather than Sat. We are both super excited and can't believe she will be with us in less than 24hrs. We have been couting down the days.
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