Friday, June 6, 2008

Maddi & Mommy

Recieved some photos of Maddi today from the breeder. Here's a sweet pic of Maddi with her mommy Emma. We will be visting our sweet girl on Sun. I can't wait!!!


flow said...

Maddi is so cute!

btw - I just posted on your new venture on my blog so check it out :)


Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Hi Jenn,

Thx! I just luv her. She's super cute.

Just checked out your lovely post. Thx!! That was very sweet of you. I actually won't be selling on Etsy. I plan to sell on Ebay as there is higher traffic on there. I am creating and selling premade 12x12 scrapbook page layouts. I may once and awhile sell toppers also but mostly it will be layouts as there is a high profit in that. Can't wait to show you the stuff I have already created. Will keep you updated when I list on Ebay so that you can post that your blog. Thx again!! Need all the help I can get to promote my creations.

How are you and Ed? How's work? I've been meaning to ask about decor ideas for our new home. Will have to bug you on msn one day.


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