Monday, August 11, 2008

Maddi - 3 Months Old

I was trying to take pix of my scrapbook layouts today and Maddi was trying to walk all over them. I had to take the pix by the sliding door so that I could get the natural light from outside so that they layouts would show up better. I had the layouts on a big cardboard on the floor and Maddi decided to step all over it after she had been sitting where the sliding door opens. Her paws got dirty from sitting there but lucky she only make the cardboard dirty with her paw prints and not the layouts. I don't see how laying there is comfy for

Don't laugh at Maddi's face and head. I gave her a trim for the first time this weekend and went a little scissor happy and cut off way too much off her muzzle and the top of her head. She has a rat face now...haha. Next time I gotta resist cutting so much off and I gotta cut it more even. Poor Maddi. My hubby kept telling me to stop cutting so much off but I didn't listen as you can see.


Trak said...

maddi does not look like a rat face she is still cute as a button lori hehehe

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

She will always be cute to us even with a rat

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