Thursday, August 28, 2008


Pic of one of my younger sisters and I. This was taken a year ago in Vancouver. This was when I went back to get married. Here my sis and I were just finished getting ready to go out for dinner with family. My sis is currently traveling around the UK and soon she will be settling there to work. Miss you lots Tanya. Lub ya!!


Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I just love your scrapbook pages, they are so fabulous (lots of details)! I used to sell my scrapbook pages on ebay but I don't have very much time for them anymore (just selling my cards and gift tags right now).
I bought those storage drawers in the hardware Wal-mart a couple of years ago but I bet they still have them. Home Depot and Lowe's probably carries them, too (not sure what stores you have in Canada!).
Love this photo, I have 2 younger sisters and one lives in CA and I don't get to see her very often :-(
Have a fabulous day!

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Nice to meet you Julie. Thank you for the compliment about my pages. The pages do take alot of time to make because of all the details but I am lucky to have a hubby that supports me so that I am able to work from home and do what I luv which is crafting. I just started selling pages on Ebay. I may start marking and selling cards on Ebay also. Right now I just make cards and give them away to family and friends when there's a b-day, holiday, wedding, etc.

Thx for the info about where to get the drawers. Yes we do have Walmart and Home Depot here in Canada. Walmart is just a few block away from my home. I will have to drop by those stores and see if I can find the same drawer. I've never spray painted so I will have to get some of that too. I want to make it pink as my fav colour is pink. Got any other tips about spray painting the drawers?

I also have 2 younger sisters. I am the oldest sibling. One of my other sisters is in Vancouver, BC and the one in the pic with me is in the UK and I am in Ontario. I don't get to see them very often either. I see them maybe once a year or once every 2 years when I fly back to Vancouver to visit family.

Off to finish my next layout for ebay.

Talk to you soon,

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