Saturday, September 13, 2008


Maddi enjoying her Zuke's Dental Bone. She loves to sit on the vent cause it's hot and humid here so the air con keeps her cool. She also luvs looking out the window as she chews on her bone.

Last night hubby and I attended the first level one family pet obedience training class at Scholars in Collars. It's an 8 week course where we go once a week. First class was without dog. We learned sooo much. Next week will we can take Maddi to training. Each class consists of 3 professional trainers and 8 pets only.
This place has been voted number one dog training for over 10 years. The owner who is also a professional trainer owns some famous dogs. Her pomeranian was in the To Die For movie with Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman's charater in the movie had a cute white pomeranian. We can't wait to take Maddi to training next week. If you own a dog that needs training and you live in Ontario I highly recommend Scholars in Collars. They are great!!

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