Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maddi Going Up & Down the Stairs

Maddi at 18 weeks old. She is now 8lbs. Check out how cute she is in these 2 videos of her going up and down the stairs.

She's still a little scared about going up and down stairs. Here's a video of her going up the stairs. She had a little boo boo and slipped.

The square mark at the bottom of the stairs is to let me know that I have cleaner there that I need to clean up. After going down all the steps Maddi got very excited and sprinkled a little on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs as I was petting and praising her.

Here's Maddi going down the stairs. She's more scared about going down because the other day she slipped and slide down several steps.


JackieLou said...

Aw Lori how cute is maddie.... So adorable...

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Thx Jackie! Everytime we take her out everyone as to stop and pet her. The girl even stops traffic. I swear one day one of these cars are going to get in a car accident from looking at her and not paying attention to the road...haha.

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