Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When Maddi Wants Something

When Maddi wants some of the food that I am cooking she will give me this sweet face look. What a cutie pie!!

We take away Maddi's water at 8pm so that she can hold her potty for the night. When she wants water after 8pm she will sit beside her bowl rack and look at you. She also puts her head through the bowl racks looking for any drops of water that may have spilt on the tiles...haha.

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Rach said...

maddie is gorgeous Lori, such a cutie pie.
the freeze dried snowballs...
they arn't really freeze dried snowballs they are just mini marshmallows....they are meant to represent snowballs. i think the freeze dried part is because they are small....not quite
Hugs rachxx

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