Sunday, December 14, 2008

X'mas Cards

Made these 2 christmas cards recently for some friends. I hope they like it. I'm having alot of fun making cards :o)

Front of the card.

The silver ribbon slider says "CELEBRATE" on it. I purchased the silver ribbon sliders at a $1 store. You get 2 packs for $1 and each pack has 5 silver ribbon slders in it. All of them are different shapes, sizes and have different words on them. They are great for cards.

Inside of the card.

Front of the card.

Inside of the card.


Rach said...

lori these are adorable, so sweet. love how you have decorated the insides of the cards as well.
The pink one above is so sweet as well. hugs rachxx

Jen said...

Lori, super duper adorable creations!!! Do you HAND CUT these?! Or are they a DIE CUT?! I am pretty sure that they are all hand cut by you - I've never seen these types of die cuts. Love your creations girl... your cards probably sell at $8 a piece, huh?! Wooo Hooo... Ya, I can tell you love pink, and in plaid too! hahaha... SWEET!!! You are awesome in decorating your inside of your cards as well... UNBELIEVABLE!!!


PS>>> "Lologrl" is my screen name for a lot of online boards that I've joined. So we kinda have the same nickname... =0) But, "Lolo" in Hawaii means "Crazy, Fun n' Wild" or just "Silly" which I totally am!!! =0)

Hugs again,

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