Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snowball Dog

I took Maddi out for potty yesterday and when she came back she was covered in snowballs. She luv's the playing in the snow. She was hopping around like a lil bunny rabbit.

If your looking for boots for your fur baby Pawz Natural Rubber Boots rock! They stay on and don't fall off even when your dogs entire legs are in the snow. They are super easy to put on and take off. I've tried several types of boots and this one is by far the best and they are cheap too. They are light weight so your dog won't mind wearing them. Maddi won't go out in the snow without them because the salt burns her paws. She will stand in place and won't walk at all until the boots are on. She's such a princess...lol.

Don't you just luv the fab photo frame? I got the photo frame from Kristina. She makes really pretty frames and her Photoshop tutorial is so easy to follow.


Deanne said...

aw bless her lol look at those adorable booties :) i want some i want some lol
wicket always looks the same, a giant lumpy snowman :) xxx awwww

Kim Piggott said...

Oh I so love your sweet baby!
She is just too adorable and her snowballs are so cute!
Love her little boots so precious what a great idea.
Thanks so much for sharing I love her!
kim x

thread-bare said...

Awww she just looks adorable... & what cool boots xx Clare x

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute !!! I love the little boots !!!
Mag :)

Merlie said...

Too cute! Just read your comment about my Copic case and mine holds 374. I got the egg crate from the wood section at HomeDepot and the case from Winners, but I've also seen them at Wallmart and Superstore.


Elise said...

LOL!!! She is just SOOOO adorably CUTE!!! OMGosh i wanna just kiss your little baby!!! Those little snowballs on her made me LMAO! How cute! She looks like, "HUH?! You wanna take a pic of me NOW mom?! How's about getting the snowballs off me first?" LOL! I love it!
Thanks for sharing!

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