Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Back & Crafting Again!

I'm back!!! I made my first card in months. Feels like I haven't crafted in ages. I really missed it. Right now I'm working on making more x'mas cards for family and friends.

I finally finished unpacking! I never want to move again...lol. Now all that needs to be done are the repairs. Hubby and I just filled out our 30 day list of repairs for the builder. Today contractors are coming over to repair the damaged hardwood floors.

I'm really luving my new craft room. There is sooo much natural light because of the big windows and during the day the sun is on the front side of my home so the sun is beaming through my craft room. It's gets hot but I don't mind right now as it's getting colder and in the winter my craft room will stay nice and warm.

Off to craft! I hope everyone has a fab day!

This card is currently for sale on Etsy.


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