Saturday, August 1, 2009



We listed out townhouse Fri afternoon and sold it on Thurs afternoon. We had only 3 showings and the house sold to a couple from the 3rd showing. We are so happy there won't be anymore showings and we didn't even have to have an open house. It was stressful having to keep the house spotless, no trace of a dog and always having to leave for showings. Our realtor said the couple had 2 comments about our home...they were amazed at how mint condition it was and how much it reminded them of their old home which they loved. This was the perfect couple to buy our home because they want to move in on Oct 15th and we move into our new detached home on Oct 8th. Hubby and I were worried we would have to move twice because the new home owners may have wanted to move in sooner before the closing of our new house but now we won't have to...woohoo!!! The night the house was sold was the night my hubby and I had a good sleep and we slept in :o) Our doggy, Maddi, is also happy now because she can have her toys all over the house again. No more packing it all up and leaving when there are showings :o)


Rach said...

Fantastic news sweetie, so pleased for you.. all your hard work has paid off.. hugs rachxx

~BridgetL~ said...

congratulations Lori. That was pretty quick. Good thing the buyers are on your time schedule.

Linda said...

Woohoo! Congratulations Lori! Hopefully you'll be able to start crafting again soon! Take care, Linda

Tammy said...

Awesome news girl! Congrats! Glad to hear that it all worked out so perfectly:)



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