Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sorry for being M.I.A. I've been super busy getting our current home ready to sell. Been doing loads of packing and cleaning. I had to pack up all my crafting stuff :o( I won't be able to craft until the house is sold so hopefully it sells quickly. Today painters are coming to paint the inside of our home. They will take 2 days to paint the house. Saturday my hubby and I have to go shopping for some framed art work, plants, etc. to decorate the house as per the stager's suggestions. Next week the photo/video guy will be coming buy to take photos of our home and he will also be doing a video virtual tour for online. We are hoping to put our home on the market next week. I can't believe we will be moving into or new home in Oct. I remember when we first purchased the home it felt like it would be forever until we moved in to the new place. Time sure flies! I can't wait till all this moving is over. I hate packing, moving and unpacking!

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