Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back from Houston

I'm back from Houston, Texas! This was my first trip there and I had a fab time. It was hot and humid which hubby and I liked. I'm looking forward to checking out the weather in July and Aug as I hear it's brutal. We checked out several homes and I ended up falling in love with the very first home we saw. The home has a media room and a game room! I would turn the media room into my craft room :) It's not as big as my current craft room but it's a good size. Plenty of room in the backyard for us to put in a pool :) I can't wait to go back as we will be purchasing a new home during our next trip. We were able to get in some shopping and dinner with friends. It was a very nice trip but I wish I could have brought home some of the heat as it's raining here :(

Here are some pix I wanted to share of my lil fur baby, Maddi, at boarding while we were in Houston. I love the second pic of her running after the bigger dogs...too cute! She looks so happy. Thx Lorie for taking such good care of our girl.


Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens! What an adorable bunch!
Pam L.

Smily said...

AAA, I adore dogs1! Yours are very cute!!

Dena said...

Lori! Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed your short visit in Houston. Sooooo, did you like Sugarland or Katy. I'm dying to know!! haha! JK Email when you are free!
Hugs my soon to be neighbor!

Sassy Scrapper said...

Sounds like you had a great time sweetie. Yeah!!! room for a pool your gonna love it.
Maddie looks so adorable. That first pictures looks like they are totally posing! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Bonnie

Tanya said...

So exciting!! :D

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