Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Probs with Blogger

Anyone else having probs with commenting on blogs? I haven't been able to comment on anyones blog for awhile now. Everytime I try to submit the comment it brings me to the login page. I log in then it brings me back to the bloggers comment box but then when I submit the comment it brings me back to the login. This just keeps happening over and over :( Can someone pls help me fix the prob?

*** Update: To fix this prob when you sign into Blogger make sure the "Stay Signed In" box is unchecked ***

Thx ladies for all your help!!! You rock!!! I can now post blog comments...woohoo!!


Chrissy said...

When it tells you to sign in, just do it the normal way, but the little bos underneath that says "keep me signed in" tick it off. and then you should be fine. You will just have to sign in whenever you go to blogger.
Good luck, hope it works for you, we have all been going through this, but I found this works.


Kreativmonster said...

You have to remove the "check mark" for "stay logged-in" under your login-name and password.

Jona Panesa said...

it happened to me too this morning. hopefully, I can post this comment here.

Tanya said...

Keep an eye on this page:

Others are having the same problem, someone may post an answer soon.

Cyrillia said...

Great! I've been having the same problem a few days now and it's sooo annoying. With your help the commenting is working again :) Thanks!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Sorry to hear about the issues you've been having Blogge; doesn't it just irk you when the blogging powers that be won't behave?! ;)

I'm not encountering the issues you mentioned at the moment, but a few weeks ago (around May 10th), Blogger really did a number some of my (already posted) posts (including deleting comments that I'd already approved!). Fortunately things were back to normal after a couple of days, but it took me a good hour to tidy up the mess Blogger had made (my hubby said Blogger was doing technical work and lots of other people encountered similar issues).

Fingers crossed things get back to normal for you really soon, hon!

Big hugs,

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