Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1 Year Wedding Anniversay

My hubby just called me from work to tell me that we both forgot our 1 year wedding anniversary...lol. Our anniversary was yesterday. For the 1st wedding anniversary it's suppost to be paper as the gift so my hubby joked that he did buy me subway for dinner last night and it was wrapped in paper...lol. We can't go out because my knee is hurting so hubby is going to bring home sushi dinner from one of our fav restaurants. He's going to leave work early tonight so that we can watch a movie. We aren't use to the wedding anniversary date yet. We do remember the anniversary we starting going out. We have been together for over 11yrs now. For our 1 year wedding anniversary we did celebrate it a few months earlier by going on a caribbean cruise and that was awesome.

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