Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sewing Lessons & Maddi

The sewing lesson was very very helpful. Will take another one next month. The lady that taught me was very good and she's gonna teach me how to sew everything. I learned how to sew the bottoms of jeans, which stitiches to use for sewing bathing suits, how to patch up holes in clothing, how to use all the stitches on the machine, all the features on the machine and how it works, sewing button holes, etc.

I was out for 2 1/2hrs and when I came home Maddi was super excited and happy to see me. She had no accidents...woohoo!!! She went potty on the puppy pads and she didn't eat her poop. She did go a bit crazy with her toys and bed. They were all over the playpen...haha. All she wanted to do was cuddle when I came home. She was laying on my lap and licking me alot. Was sooo sweet how she rested put her white paws and head on arm. She's such a sweet puppy.

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