Friday, July 11, 2008

Maddi - 11 Weeks Old

The 5 pix were taken yesterday afternoon. First 4 pix were of Maddi sleeping under my desk. I was surfing on my pc and she was taking a little nap. She's such a cutie pie. 5th pic is of her in her crate. She luvs to sleep in that spot because it's right beside me when I am working on the pc. She just luvs to be close to me. She's so sweet.

Today is one week since we brought Maddi home. Today is also a day of alot of firsts. Maddi slept though the night for the first time without barking or whimpering. She also held her pee and poop all night and didn't go until hubby and I woke up at 6am. It was the first night we sleep without any interruptions. First morning we both woke up before Maddi. She's learning...woohoo!! I am sooo proud of her.


Deanne said...

oh she is gorgeous.
'wicket' is 6 months now, i cant believe he was once that small, they grow so quick xxx

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Thx! She's sooo cute that I can't ever be upset with her. I saw Wicket on your blog and he's a cutie pie. Hubby and I want Maddi to stay small forever...heehee. The vet and breeder said Maddi is very small for her age and that she will prob stay small but you never know. Btw Wicket is a neat name. I've never heard of that name before.

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Thx for forwarding the doggy site to Trak. I need all the tips I can get.

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