Monday, July 7, 2008

Maddi's First Day Home - 10 Weeks Old

Maddi at 10 weeks old. This video was taken on Fri July 4, 2008. We just got back from our long car ride from the breeders home. This is the first day for Maddi at her new home. She was a little nervous coming out of her kennel but it didn't take her long to adjust to her new home.

Maddi eating her first meal at her new home. She's just sooo cute.


flow said...

omg - maddi is so cute!

is she practise before the real baby??? LOL ^^

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

She's a cutie pie and a crazy girl. Sometimes she gets sooo hyper. She sure is practice. Derek and I are sooo tired. We are both lacking in major sleep because she keeps waking up every 2hrs to bark and whimper. The other night she was barking non stop for 40mins. Poor Derek is exhausted and has to go to work everyday. Last night was better because we bought a crate that she could see through so that she could see that we were right beside her in our bed so that she would not feel alone. Before we had her in a box crate and she did not like that at all cause she could not see us. Last night she only barked twice during the night and each time was less than 5mins. We were able to sleep a little more but still not enough. Do you have any tips on training a puppy?

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